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Speaking at Notacon 7

Blockparty Invitation

If you’re in or around Cleveland next weekend stop by Notacon, an annual hacker conference with a creative twist. In their words, it “explores and showcases technologies, philosophy and creativity often overlooked at many hacker cons”. I’ll be giving a talk about my experimental work in Flash with a focus on Alchemy. Notacon is also the venue for Blockparty, a North American demo party organized by Jason Scott and Christian Wirth (RaD-Man). I worked with Jac from Evoflash and musician Coda to build this years invitation for the party. Should be a great time!

Check out the invitation.
Note: All effects are real-time, so this is best viewed using the latest build of Flash Player 10.1.

ASCIImeo, Videos in Text


Today I finally launched ASCIImeo (, a personal project I’ve been working on irregularly for the past few months. In a nutshell, it renders Vimeo videos in different textmode’s. I hope everyone enjoy’s the site; it’s simple and generally useless, but a ton of fun to explore. I’d love to hear your feedback, rants, and bug reports (I was after all the only person working on this).

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Raytracing Wada basins in Flash

Wada basins
Check it out!
Source code

Getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d play around with raytracing reflective spheres to produce the fractal known as Wada basins. It’s an old technique that can be easily reproduced physically by using four mirrored Christmas ornaments stacked in a pyramid. To be honest, the idea came from seeing the mirrorball Ralph picked up to use as a lightmap for Triangle3D.

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